Three hundred adults, aged from 20 to 69, from around England filled in the questionnaire.
The scores were not significantly different for either age or sex.
The average score was 34.

If you scored 60 or more then you would be in the top 3.3% for anxiety

The top 8 items for creating anxiety were:

  1. Changing stones to kilograms
  2. Understanding the odds for a bet on the Grand National
  3. Remembering your maths lessons at school
  4. Working out your pay rise when you are told it will be 3.25%
  5. Working out the prices of things when you are abroad
  6. Checking the VAT amount on a Builder’s bill
  7. Checking which mobile phone deal is the best value
  8. Working out how much weedkiller you need to use in a 5 litre sprayer

The least anxiety creating item was writing a cheque.