I offer assessments/diagnoses for maths learning difficulties and dyscalculia using tests and procedures that are taken from my book, 'More Trouble with Maths: A complete guide to identifying and diagnosing mathematical difficulties' (Now in 2nd edition). There are two examples of my reports in 'More Trouble with Maths'.

For children, the test time is usually about an hour (which seems to be the tolerance level for most children doing work in a subject that may not be their favourite). I expect one or both parents to be present (and very quiet!)

This is followed by initial verbal feedback. A full written report is provided later which explains the relevance of the tests and the interpretation for the individual child. The written report will also offer guidance on appropriate intervention strategies.

The process is tailored to the individual child and may include a test of current level of achievement, an anxiety questionnaire, tests for knowledge of basic facts, an exploration of the child's thinking style for maths and informal clinical activities.

Assessments normally take place at my home (Bath).

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