INSET (In Service Training),
LECTURES and CPD (Continuing Personal or Professional Development)


I have lectured across all sectors and across the UK, plus over thirty countries including South Africa, Swaziland, Gibraltar, Belgium, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuwait, Australia, India, the USA, Malaysia and Thailand. I provided five days of consultancy for the Singapore Ministry of Education in July 2013. I lectured in Australia in August, 2016 and October, 2017 and Japan in Februaury, 2017.

I presented my first ever webinar (70 minutes) in August 2013 for Dyslexic Advantage:

This has now had over 17,000 views. My times tables resources on the Times Educational Supplement website had over 120,000 hits.

I offer the following topics;

  • Mathematics, dyslexia and dyscalculia
  • Assessment and diagnosis of maths difficulties
  • Thinking/cognitive style in maths
  • Teaching basic maths facts and skills
  • Anxiety, attitude and affect in maths
"Steve Chinn brought his unique course, "The Trouble with Maths" to Brussels and the teachers who participated in this course are still full of praise for or it, many feeling that it was the highlight of the academic year. Steve has an in depth understanding of the minds of children with learning disabilities that interfere with the learning of maths, and is able to join these children on their level to find out more about how they learn and what they need to learn. He is also able to transmit this information to the teachers who attend his courses in a language that they understand, not the abstract language often used in such courses, providing an abundance of practical examples as well as the rationale for using them. Everyone comes away satisfied and Steve's information informs how these teachers teach maths forever afterwards. Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative"

Course Fees

No of people Up to 50 Over 50
Full day £950 £1200
Half day £800 £950
Twilight Fee by agreement. Only available within one hour’s travelling time from Bath


  • Travel is charged at 50p per mile or standard class rail fare plus taxis
  • Accommodation allowance (if necessary) is £120.00 per night (£160 in London)
  • All photocopying is the responsibility of the organisers

Invoices are payable within 30 days of issue

For more details, or to make a booking contact me

Note, 2017: I am now taking on fewer commitments.