The 'Maths Explained' Video Tutorials

One of the biggest problems for learners who are dyscalculic and/or who have trouble in learning mathematics is retaining facts and procedures in long term memory.The best way of addressing these problems is to develop understanding of those maths facts and procedures.

Maths Explained is a collection of video tutorials that teach understanding for basic facts and for many of the key maths topics, such as fractions and division.

Based on 25 years of successfully teaching students who had failed when taught by 'traditional' methods... and based on research from around the world on how children and adults can learn to understand and succeed in maths.

From as little as £2.50 for one tutorial to £60 for over 10 hours of tutorials... and you can play them as many times as you wish.

There are very few thoroughly trained and experienced tutors for maths learning problems in the UK or indeed many other countries. In response to this lack of availability of tutors I have recorded a series of 34 tutorials which address the core topics of maths.

The tutorials can be used for:

  • Teacher training (I use the material in my own teacher training sessions)
  • Supporting classroom assistants when working with students
  • Supporting teachers when working with students
  • Independent study by individual students, where the amount of each video watched at one time and the number of times it is watched can be controlled by the student.

(Note that at this stage there is no requirement for a site licence for schools)

Maths Explained is a series of videos which do as the title suggests - the videos explain maths. They are designed primarily for those who struggle to learn maths, but will help anyone who wishes to improve their understanding of basic maths.

  • The videos explain maths from the beginning, developing an understanding of maths and a confidence in using maths and numbers.
  • They are underpinned by Steve's research and experience and also research from experts around the world.
  • The videos use simple and clear visual images, often with animations to illustrate the concepts and which are matched to maths vocabulary.
  • They are designed to address and circumvent the learning barriers that prevent so many people from succeeding in maths.
  • The structure is developmental and inter-linked so that understanding supports memory. This is not about a dependence on rote learning.
  • The videos, as a whole or in parts, can be watched repeatedly until understanding is secure. No one will say, 'I've already explained that to you too many times.'
  • The videos are not a quick-fix compendium of tricks and mnemonics. They are not games. They build and constantly reflect back on the roots of maths. They are conceptual. They are about understanding maths.
  • They are about going back to the earliest concepts and rebuilding a resilient understanding of the basic skills and concepts.
  • The videos are not age-specific (for example, there are no dancing clowns or elephants). Any age of learner can benefit from these videos.

"It is such an excellent course and your visuals are great!"

Gilly Payne, Professional Course Tutor at the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre

"Thank you so much for this program. I wish it were mandatory viewing of every teacher in Australia, for the damage their lack of understanding of learning differences does is too great. My 13 year old has just started your program and for the first time in his life is understanding math!"

The tutorials were launched at the end of 2014. They can be purchased individually or as sets via the website

There are sample clips from the videos on the Maths Explained website

The tutorials have been purchased in 18 countries, including: South Africa, Australia, Ireland, USA, UK, NZ, Canada, Malta, Spain, Switzerland, India, the Netherlands, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Portugal, Thailand, Singapore and Japan.

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