Maths Anxiety Quiz

The twenty items below are about maths and your feelings when you have to do each one of these things.
I would like you to consider to each item and then decide how anxious that situation makes you feel.

If it never makes you feel anxious type 1 in the box,
if it makes you feel anxious sometimes type 2 in the box,
if it makes you feel anxious often type 3 in the box,
If it always makes you feel anxious type 4 in the box.

1 = never anxious; 2 = sometimes anxious; 3 = often anxious; 4 = always anxious;

Working out the tip for the waiter in a restaurant
Working out the prices of things when you are abroad
Checking the cost of your shopping
Working out 20% off in a sale
Checking your change when shopping
Working out the cost of a holiday
Adding the four prices..£5.99 + £10.99 + £19.99 + £3.95 on a mail order form
Reading a train timetable.
Working out your weekly budget.
Checking which mobile phone deal is the best value.
Converting your weight in stones to kilograms.
Having to recall a maths fact quickly (such as 6 x 9).
Understanding the odds for a bet on the Grand National.
Writing a cheque.
Checking the VAT amount on a builder’s bill.
Working out your pay rise when you are told it will be 3.25%.
Checking your credit card bill.
Working out how much weedkiller you need to use in a 5 litre sprayer.
Changing the quantities in a recipe for 4 when cooking for six people.
Remembering your maths lessons at school.

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